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Fiber access

Zyxel helps Cepral Cooperativa deliver quality and high-bandwidth GPON FTTH service in Argentina


Our customer

Our customer​

Founded in 1969, Cepral Cooperativa provides electricity and telecommunications services in Parada Robles, Argentina. It currently serves 5,000 internet and landline subscribers.

Main challenge

Cepral Cooperativa has endeavored to provide the best service to residential and enterprise customers in an environment of continuous population growth and constant demand for higher bandwidth.



Zyxel provided quality, cost-effective, and resilient GPON FTTH Solutions for Cepral Cooperativa to deliver fast, high-bandwidth services for customers with different demands.

Main story​

The town of Parada Robles includes more than 14 neighborhoods and two industrial parks. With steady population growth and increased reliance on bandwidth-intensive applications both at home and in commercial settings, Cepral Cooperativa needed to upgrade its existing network immediately.

Zyxel’s GPON End-to-End Solutions offered deployment flexibility and cost-efficiency. Through the centralized network management system, Cepral Cooperativa increased operational efficiency by monitoring, configuring, and managing all network devices remotely.




Zyxel’s comprehensive portfolio and cooperative local technical support empowered Cepral Cooperativa to upgrade its existing network and deliver FTTH service ahead of the competition.



Through our partnership with Zyxel, we successfully completed this project in a very short time. Now, we can provide our customers with the best possible service.

Pablo Ghigliazza
Communications Department Chief, Cepral Cooperativa

Zyxel product solutions

1U Pizza Box 8-port GPON OLT

The Zyxel OLT1408A provides up to 1K FTTH to subscribers with 8 ITU-T G.984 GPON fiber links.

5U 6-slot Temperature-Hardened Chassis OLT

The IES5206 Series is a 5U 6-slot Temperature-Hardened Chassis OLT, integrated with OLC3416-42A 16-port GPON Line Card.

Dual-Band Wireless AC GPON HGU with 4-port GbE LAN

The Zyxel PMG5617GA provides high-speed GPON internet access to meet the worldwide market requirements for triple-play services.

NetAtlas Element Management System

The Zyxel NetAtlas meets the current and future business requirements of service providers and enterprises by offering a robust management, deployment, and provisioning solution designed for Zyxel network equipment.


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