NetAtlas EMS

NetAtlas Element Management System

The Zyxel NetAtlas Element Management System (EMS) meets the current and future business requirements of service providers and enterprises by offering a robust management, deployment, and provisioning solution designed for Zyxel network equipment. It enhances your ability to deliver profitable, state-of-the-art IP-based services to customers while improving operating cost efficiency and service quality. Through its intuitive user interface, the NetAtlas EMS simplifies and accelerates deployment, enables the efficient operation of large network environments, and streamlines the provisioning process. It also provides fault and element management for devices deployed in your network.

  • Centralized management
  • Intuitive GUI
  • System recovering
  • Multi remote logins
  • Firmware upgrades
  • OSS integration

Tree View and Device View

Centralized, scalable network management platform

The NetAtlas EMS supports a full suite of features for managing Zyxel’s MSAN, DSLAM, and GPON End-to-End Solutions such as system management, network configuration, performance monitoring, fault detection, and security control. The convenience-minded point-and-click operation of its centralized EMS graphical user interface makes remote management simple, efficient, and cost-effective. This not only simplifies network management and provisioning but also shortens the time for failure recovery in order to increase network availability.


ONT Map and Topology

Network-wide visibility

The NetAtlas EMS offers a real-time display of devices and network topology, presenting system administrators a clear network status overview while allowing users to add new managed devices with the auto-discover function. This is particularly useful when devices are scattered across various locations, and it also saves time and expenses by minimizing network maintenance efforts.


Better network management with less capex

The design of the NetAtlas EMS simplifies network management tasks significantly. Networks and systems can be configured, monitored, and managed with ease to relieve the workload on technical personnel, while the advanced features empower operators with better network management and lower daily operating costs. The NetAtlas EMS also offers the flexibility of being able to be installed on any PC or server running Linux, fulfilling the varying reliability requirements of different application scenarios.


Security Management

Complete FCAPS embedded

The NetAtlas EMS provides various service templates for fast configuration and provisioning. Network status monitoring, performance monitoring, and statistics reports are provided for performance management while alarm and event supervision enables effective fault management. Meanwhile, access control, login control, and view-based control offer practical assistance to security management staff. Accounting management can be performed with information collected by standard or proprietary MIBs.


Prompt alarm warnings and immediate responses

To allow users to quickly handle events in the field, the NetAtlas EMS provides a dedicated “global alarm status” window. All alarms are categorized according to severity and trigger the blinking of their corresponding icons for easy observation. Service providers can also specify events for which, if they occur, the NetAtlas EMS instantly notifies operators via email or by having external programs take immediate action, helping shorten system recovery time.


Proactive management for peak performance

A variety of parameters can be monitored to keep track of networks and systems. The NetAtlas EMS includes performance-monitoring features that enable service providers to analyze both network and system throughput as well as error rates. Statistical data can be displayed in a graphical format, delivering easy-to-understand insights that can guide the creation of meticulous error-prevention measures to improve network performance.


Flexible event schedule

Service providers can set specific events such as firmware upgrades, device reboots, and database backups for particular times. This allows them to improve their service while minimizing the impact on subscribers.


OSS integration

The NetAtlas EMS provides an XML/SOAP-based interface for interacting with external operations support systems (OSS). The XML/SOAP interface is specially designed for the smooth integration of existing OSS/IT infrastructure. The feature simplifies access network device management, making for less manual on-site tasks and helping service providers reduce their operating expenditure.


*All specifications are subject to change without notice.


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