The Zyxel PM7320-B0 XGS-PON SFU with 10G LAN features one XGS-PON uplink, one 10GbE LAN and two GbE LAN ports for the downlink interface, which aims to relocate the existing fiber network to 10 Gigabit broadband access with the least amount of CAPEX investment.

  • IOP with Zyxel OLTs
  • 10/10G profile
  • Zyxel NetAtlas
  • Multiple scenarios
  • OMCI protocol
  • Triple-play

boost bandwidth section

Boost bandwidth with next-gen PON

The Zyxel PM7320-B0 with one 10GbE and two GbE LAN ports serves as a simple bridge that enables service providers to address symmetric 10 Gigabit data access for subscribers under the P2MP structure. Furthermore, it is able to realize high-quality triple-play services such as voice, data and video over fiber optics.

feature section

Zyxel end-to-end readiness improves product time-to-market

The PM7320-B0 is equipped with the Zyxel-specific OMCI parameters that work with Zyxel’s EMS and next-generation OLT systems. With the end-to-end-capable parameters, Zyxel provides specific parameters that help service providers to diagnose, operate and manage their fiber networks. Thus this solution helps to shorten the product time-to-market and to avoid the huge IOP investment.

Same user experience with advanced product combinations

The Zyxel PM7320-B0 can perform as a Layer-2 Optical Network Terminal (ONT) followed by any Layer-3 devices. Examples of this include routers, WiFi APs, and home gateways. The two-box solution reserves space for service providers to substitute the second box with the same user interface.

Flexibility for versatile commercial deployment scenarios

Zyxel is well-known for its solutions for high-density usage areas. Our two-box broadband access solutions can increase subscriber satisfaction and keep your business growing.

Business networks

As a part of Zyxel two-box broadband access solutions, the PM7320-B0 is ideal for enterprise networks such as SoHo office connections with enterprise APs for a better public WiFi experience. In scenarios with high-density AP deployments, the PM7320-B0 is not only cost-effective, but provides a stronger signal to a higher number of subscribers for increased customer satisfaction.

Public WiFi networks

As a part of Zyxel two-box solutions PM7320-B0 can offload the public WiFi hotspot coverage from existing 3G/LTE wireless heavy-load areas. Zyxel has already built its reputation in the hospitality industry and is well-known for its solutions for high-density usage areas. As WiFi quality plays a critical role in customer satisfaction, the Zyxel PM7320-B0 allows service providers to increase subscriber satisfaction and keep business growing.

* All specifications are subject to change without notice.

PM7320-B0 application diagram


File type Model Version Release date Language Download
Datasheet PM7320-B0 2 May 12 2020 English
Quick Start Guide PM7320-B0 001 February 10 2020 English

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