GPON End-to-End Solutions – University of Buenos Aires

Fiber access

Zyxel provides high‑speed and cost‑efficient GPON network to the University of Buenos Aires

Our customer​

Founded in 1821, the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) is not only Argentina’s largest school but one of the most renowned centers of learning anywhere in South America.

Main challenge

The school was looking for a new solution to enhance network performance in the high-density environment of the faculty building without exceeding a tight budget.



Zyxel’s flexible and comprehensive GPON End-to-End Solutions delivered what was needed.

Main story​

With the growth of connected devices and an expanding staff, network performance and data transfer speeds were becoming untenable. The school desperately needed to upgrade the existing Ethernet network infrastructure for faster and secure internet connections.

Incorporating a complete portfolio, Zyxel GPON End-to-End Solutions efficiently elevated the internet experience for the school, providing stable, high-speed wired and wireless connectivity in offices and public areas.

In addition, thanks to a centralized network management system, all devices can be monitored, configured, and managed remotely from the IT administration office.




Through this partnership with Zyxel, staff, students, patients, and visitors of the Faculty of Dentistry can now enjoy speedy, stable, and secure WiFi service throughout the building.

Zyxel product solutions

1U Pizza Box 8-port GPON OLT

The Zyxel OLT1408A provides up to 1K FTTH to subscribers with split ratio of up to 1:128.

Dual-Band Wireless AC GPON HGU with 4-port GbE LAN

The Zyxel PMG5617GA delivers Gigabit-speed WiFi connectivity.

GPON SFU with 1-port GbE LAN

The Zyxel PMG1005 provides a compact and simple bridge to Gigabit data access.

NetAtlas Element Management System

The Zyxel NetAtlas offers a a robust management, deployment, and provisioning solution designed for Zyxel fiber access network equipment.


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