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10G PON: the answer to the bandwidth-intensive challenges of tomorrow

The skyrocketing pace of technological development has driven up consumer demand for increased bandwidth. Current HDTV, VR/AR, online interactive gaming, video streaming, and user-generated live content require much more bandwidth than current GPON technology can provide.

To meet subscriber demand, service providers must expand current service capacity beyond gigabit limitations. In this rapidly changing network environment, it becomes more difficult to keep up with the competition. 10G PON creates new opportunities to rapidly monetize your networks through high-ARPU business services or premium-tier residential services as users expect faster Internet connections.

Solution benefits

Zyxel’s unique industry experience in both fiber and copper have helped many leading broadband operators and commercial customers successfully build their GPON infrastructure with ease and agility. Zyxel 10G PON solutions offer service providers the following advantages:

Excellent CAPEX
Excellent CAPEX

XGS-PON is a future-proof investment because of its low total cost of ownership and fiber’s long lifecycle. In addition, higher bandwidth allows you to expand your network and increase the number of subscribers. XGS-PON is a long-term and reliable investment, driving your business to reach new heights.

Serve more prime subscribers with high speed
Serve more prime subscribers with high speed

By increasing the bandwidth to 10G, service providers can increase the connection speeds from the current 300 Mbps up to 500 Mbps, 1 Gbps, and 2 Gbps for prime subscribers. With a PON port split ratio of 1:32 or 1:64, service providers can support a 10G/10G bandwidth share, a significant improvement over the existing 2.5G/1G. This allows service providers to serve more prime subscribers who take advantage of higher-bandwidth applications such as UHD video streaming, IoT, and smart home devices. As a result, your business will be able to level up to higher-priced premium service tiers.

The fiber advantages
The fiber advantages

The advanced benefits of optical fiber technology over copper have made fiber increasingly popular among service providers. Fiber connections have lower latency than copper and produce less interference. In addition, XGS-PON transmissions are more reliable because of the fiber’s high resistance to the external factors such as temperatures and humidity, as well as its ability to span greater distances.

opal section

Zyxel OPAL, the winning element

Zyxel OPAL, a mature, modular software platform, incorporates a set of field-proven applications and allows you to easily manage your customer’s premium services or seamlessly migrate and upgrade them to new technology – all with the advantage of reduced development time for you and great service for your customers.

Lowered CAPEX when migrating to XGS-PON

The migration from GPON to XGS-PON becomes a low CAPEX investment because operators migrate access speed by replacing optical terminal devices rather than replacing the entire fiber network. The Solutions protect the original investment by allowing service providers to keep the existing gateway while only replacing the ONT as technology evolves.

Flexibility for versatile commercial deployment scenarios

Zyxel two-box Solutions can offload the public WiFi hotspot coverage from existing 3G/LTE wireless heavy-load areas. Zyxel has already built its reputation and is well-known for its solutions for high-density usage areas. As WiFi quality plays a critical role in customer satisfaction, Zyxel can help you increase guest satisfaction and keep business growth.

Zyxel’s North American headquarters are in Southern California, where customers are supported by a team of experienced engineers and executives that include sales, logistics, and technical support teams. Please contact us for more information: broadband@zyxel.com