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Responsible supply chain


Achieving our overall sustainable commitments require all our employees and business partners to work closely together. Zyxel outlines clear short- and long-term plans to ensure the seamless implementation of our initiatives for a truly sustainable value chain.

Sustainability certifications

93% of Zyxel suppliers signed a statement to comply with Zyxel sustainability commitment
Zyxel products disclose conflict mineral sources

ISO 14064

100% of Zyxel key suppliers* received ESG-related certifications

Our supplier management


Require new and existing suppliers to follow the requirements and sign the Statement of Supplier Code of Conduct.

Risk management

Ensure suppliers maintain righteous and efficient operations through regular audits and on-going education.

Conflict mineral management

Conduct annual surveys to ensure materials and components of Zyxel products come from responsible sources.

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Supplier qualification

We announce the “Sustainable Procurement Policies and Guidelines” and “Supplier Code of Conduct” to manifest our commitment to creating a responsible supply chain. There are 50 corresponding criteria among six main sectors, and all of them respond to internationally valued sustainability standards.

Supplier audits

We categorize suppliers based on annual transaction volumes and require all key suppliers to undergo audits on criteria following principles and guidelines of the RBA Validated Audit Process (VAP). We adopt digital and onsite audit methods and issue audit reports to suppliers. For those identified as unqualified, we provide assistance in developing improvement plans. In 2021, we completed 100% supplier audit through onsite and digital audit methods with all audited suppliers qualified.

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Supplier risk management

Based on our supply chain risk assessment and management framework, we categorize supply chain risks into three sectors – economics, society, and environment. Zyxel encourages its suppliers to actively pursue related certifications and mitigate potential threats to healthy operations.

Zyxel key supplier certification achievement rate


  • ISO 9001
  • TL9000
  • TL 9000 R6.0



  • RBA
  • EcoVadis
  • CDP
  • or equivalents



  • ISO 14001


Response to the pandemic

In response to the supply chain challenges caused by the COVID pandemic, Zyxel has taken practical measures to minimize negative impacts on business operations, including portfolio diversification, effective raw materials, and components stock management.

Our conflict mineral management

Aiming to help stem the trade in four minerals – tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold (3TG) – that finance armed conflicts or are mined using forced labor, Zyxel performs comprehensive due diligence within the supply chain to ensure the above minerals are not derived or sourced from mines in conflict areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) or illegally taxed on trade routes, either of which is controlled by non-governmental military groups or unlawful military factions.

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