Meet your subscribers’ increasing demands

Today’s broadband customers have an increasing demand for premium digital services and efficient high-speed connectivity. However, the cost and time of delivering fixed-line broadband have hurdled the roll-out of services with high-speed and capacity. With the competition closing in, Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is what you are looking for when you want to provide your customers premium broadband everywhere they want it.

FWA offers an efficient choice for reliable, high-speed broadband connectivity in any location. It’s primarily a cost-efficient deployment choice for areas unreachable by fiber and wired technology. Zyxel FWA Solutions give your subscribers the ultra-fast, latency-free connections they demand.



Deliver freedom and flexibility on all your deployments

Bring broadband service wherever your customers need it. Indoor and outdoor options open a world of deployment possibilities. Our comprehensive mobile broadband product portfolio supports a wide spectrum from 4G LTE to CBRS and 5G NR. At Zyxel, we have exactly the right deployment option to help you support your customers.

Integrate seamlessly with existing networks

Optimize network efficiency with smart QoS algorithm

Zyxel’s FWA Solutions enable you to deliver reliable service through effective traffic segmentation and prioritization by integrating features, such as multiple APNs with VLAN mapping and router/IP pass-through mode.

Powerful remote management

Get the power of remote management with Zyxel Band Pilot, a cloud-based system providing complete control over Zyxel FWA products from your own customer support office located anywhere. With powerful features like remote troubleshooting, monitoring, RF performance history tracking, remote firmware upgrades, and TR-143 speed tests, you can significantly reduce your service expenses, all while enhancing subscriber satisfaction.


Deployment scenarios

  • FWA with B2C approach
  • FWA with B2B approach

Subscriber app optimizes user experience

The best service call is the one you never get. Our self-adaptive mobile app, Zyxel Air, let the users easily install and configure our FWA devices and manage the home network. Service providers can slash operating costs by reducing support calls while delivering the high-capacity, ultra-fast internet services subscribers crave.

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Leverage network convergence

Zyxel’s North American headquarters are in Southern California, where customers are supported by a team of experienced engineers and executives that include sales, logistics, and technical support teams. Please contact us for more information: