Environmental Protection

Zyxel works continuously on environmental management. With ISO 14001 certification and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) ISO14064 verification, Zyxel systematically facilitates and integrates management processes for quality and the environment, maintaining a holistic and effective infrastructure of constant improvements.


Sustainable environment

Zyxel strives to achieve environmental sustainability through greenhouse gas reduction, energy conservation, water resource management, waste reduction, and ecological preservation.


Climate change

In 2019, Zyxel’s total direct emission was 71.7 tons CO2-e and total indirect emission was 1352.1 tons CO2-e.
Zyxel continues to improve its greenhouse gas emissions by implementing several procedures, including selecting green materials for product design, using local suppliers, and other energy-saving policies.

Energy conservation

Zyxel has achieved cumulative power savings of 3.8 million kWh from 2015 to 2019. For continuous improvements, Zyxel implements several procedures to reduce its carbon footprint.

  • Lighting: adopted a glass-roof patio design for daylight saving in the Hsinchu headquarters, replaced malfunctioned T5 lights with T8 or LED lights, set lighting in working areas to 500 to 600LUX, installed infrared-activated lights in hallways and parking lots, and cut unnecessary lighting during lunch breaks and off hours. 
  • Air conditioning: implemented Thermal Energy Storage Air-Conditioning System (TES) to balance energy consumption between peak and off hours to low total utility bills and optimize the capacity of air conditioning systems in the Hsinchu headquarters.
  • Transportation: encouraged employees to use Hsinchu Science Park shuttle services or carpools to reduce air pollution.

Water management

Zyxel has achieved cumulative water saving of 29,190 tons from 2015 to 2019. For continuous improvements Zyxel commissions third-party organizations to conduct inspections every year, ensuring our wastewater effluent meets the standards set by Hsinchu Science Park. Zyxel also promotes reasonable water usage in all daily operations, including implementing water-saving faucets and toilets, reducing frequency of wall cleaning and plant watering, adjusting on the inlet/outlet ratio of cooling water towers, and more.

Waste management

Zyxel adopts the following procedures to cut the waste generated from business operations:

  • Reduce usage of raw materials during product design
  • Improve material recycling process

Ecological preservation

Zyxel headquarters is surrounded by highly developed industrial buildings and roads rather than environmental conservation areas, resulting in minimal impact on the neighboring properties. Zyxel has made its campus more eco-friendly with extensive use of green plants in accordance with the “Guidelines for Science Park Environment Protection.” This has led to Zyxel winning the Science Park’s building beautification and green awards. In the past three years, no Zyxel affiliate has been involved in pollution-related disputes or penalized for producing pollutants.