Zyxel eHomeShield secures every single device connected to your home network against cyber attacks.

Every new device in our home network is a potential back door into our digital lives. Since most new connected devices aren’t designed to be secure, criminals can use these unsecure devices to access your home network, hijack your devices and steal your valuable data.

The broadband router or gateway is the front-door entrance to your cyber-home. And Zyxel eHomeShield creates a secure network in your home by putting protection inside this broadband gateway. Thus protecting you privacy and all your devices from desktop computers and phones to smart TVs, gaming consoles and baby monitors inside the home.

Zyxel eHomeShield is powered by F-Secure’s SENSE technology. F-Secure is a cyber-security expert with over 30 years of industry experience. F-Secure’s award-winning cyber security technology uses latest cloud-based AI technology working jointly with an agent inside your WiFi-router/gateway to block harmful traffic before it can harm you and your devices. Your privacy is protected from hackers, tracking companies and criminals that are after your private information.

Smart home,
IoT protection

Blocks malicious or compromised connections to/from smart home or IoT devices based on host name reputation.

Safe browsing and
privacy protection

Blocks malicious or compromised sites based on URL reputation.

Virus and botnet

Blocks traffic from compromised device to attacker's command & control center.


Prevents tracking sites from following your surfing habits and collecting data about you.

Family protection

Content filtering and schedule online time for kids.

Solution Bundles

eHomeShield RG

Security for all devices
inside the home
Cyber protection for children
IoT security
Privacy Guard


eHomeShield RG
10 licenses to be used with any PCs, Laptops, Tablets or Smartphones

Service Provider Benefits

  • Increase ARPU with security positioning protecting your customer's family at home and on the go
  • Differentiate with worry-free and holistic peace of mind positioning providing protection everywhere
  • Drive sales growth of smart/connected home devices with addressing security and privacy concerns
  • Reduce churn by enhancing your broadband/mobile offering with security to your end customers.
  • Brand positioning as the trusted secure provider in consumers everyday connected life

Zyxel’s North American headquarters are in Southern California, where customers are supported by a team of experienced engineers and executives that include sales, logistics, and technical support teams. Please contact us for more information: broadband@zyxel.com