PM7300/PM5100/PM3100-T0 Series


A comprehensive portfolio for various FTTH deployment scenarios

As technology keeps evolving, service providers can utilize the flexibility of scalable networks to quickly upgrade their customers’ home network – in order to continue to deliver premium and competitive services.

The Zyxel PM7300/PM5100/PM3100 Series serves as managed bridges, ready to deliver integrated FTTH services via 1G/2.5G/10G fiber. Thanks to superior interoperability, the Series can connect to any layer-3 device, including routers, WiFi APs, and home gateways. The Series enables service providers to offer great services and meet customers’ demands without altering the existing fiber network.

Zyxel PM7300/PM5100/PM3100 Series comes in a sleek, compact design, is suitable for deployment in any location, and is a lasting future-proof investment.

  • 10/10G profile
  • Multiple scenarios
  • Comprehensive QoS
  • OMCI protocol
  • OPAL platform
  • Remote management
PM7300/PM5100/PM3100 Series, XGS-PON/GPON SFU with 10G/2.5G/1G LAN
Model PM7300-T0 PM5100-T0 PM3100-T0
Data rates 10G/10G (9.953 G/bits) 2.488/1.244 G/bits 2.488/1.244 G/bits
RJ-45 LAN port 100M/1G/2.5G/5G/10 Gbps 100M/1G/2.5G Gbps 100M/1G Gbps
Positioning Business-grade Premium Budget
Application scenarios Suitable for high-density, bandwidth-intensive applications, such as Small Office Home Office (SOHO), video conferencing, AR/VR, 4K/8K TV, and high-definition video/game streaming. Suitable for residential subscribers with bandwidth-intensive application demands. Enables SPs to fully utilize the existing GPON network while delivering blazing-fast 2.5Gbps DL speeds. A cost-competitive investment to upgrade the existing DSL or Ethernet network to fiber.
Wavelength 1577 nm (DS) & 1270 nm (US) 1490 nm (DS) & 1310 nm (US) 1490 nm (DS) & 1310 nm (US)

accelerate fiber section

Bring the thunder!
Accelerate your fiber business with light speed

seamless migration section

Seamless migration with OPAL software

The PM7300/PM5100/PM3100 Series is available with Zyxel OPAL – our mature, modular software platform. The software incorporates a set of field-proven applications and allows you to easily manage your customer’s premium services or seamlessly migrate and upgrade them to new technology – all with the advantage of reduced development time for you and great service for your customers.

remote section

Remote management via TR-069

The PM7300/PM5100/PM3100 Series comes with powerful, built-in management features that greatly shorten service time-to-market with reduced testing and configuration time. You will be able to process remote configuration, upgrade software, run diagnostics and provide management all from your own customer support office. A great benefit for your customers and a major opportunity for lowering your service expenses.

You decide the QoS

Based on your service offerings to customers – you can freely define the QoS policies and prioritize mission-critical traffic such as voice. Defining the QoS will improve your customer’s network efficiency and give them the super-fast multi-play service quality they want.

Engage with us to stay ahead of the competition

With 10G most likely becoming the leading technology of tomorrow why not take advantage of our position as world leader within 10G fiber solutions already today? Our sophisticated fiber End-to-End and unbundled ONT Solutions support active fiber, GPON, or XGS-PON technologies to support various deployment scenarios.

*All specifications are subject to change without notice.

**The PM7300-T0 supports Zyxel XGS-PON End-to-End Solutions. Please contact us for detailed availability.

PM7300/PM5100/PM3100 Series application diagram


File type Model Version Release date Language Download
Datasheet PM3100-T0 1 December 17, 2021 English
PM3100-T0, DoC, CE
Declaration PM3100-T0 001.214-01-01412 March 31, 2022 Multiple languages
Quick Start Guide PM3100-T0 001 January 4, 2022 English,French,German,Spanish,Nederlands,Sweden,Finland
Users Guide PM3100-T0 Version 5.42 January 27, 2022 English
Datasheet PM5100-T0 1 December 17, 2021 English
PM5100-T0, DoC, CE
Declaration PM5100-T0 001.214-01-01384 May 18, 2022 Multiple languages
Quick Start Guide PM5100-T0 001 May 20, 2022 English,French,German,Spanish,Nederlands,Sweden,Finland
Users Guide PM5100-T0 Version 5.42 May 18, 2022 English
Datasheet PM7300-T0 4 February 10, 2022 English
PM7300-T0, DoC, CE
Declaration PM7300-T0 001.214-01-01334 September 24, 2021 Multiple languages
Quick Start Guide PM7300-T0 001 July 12, 2021 English,French,German,Italian,Spanish,Nederlands,Sweden,Finland
Users Guide PM7300-T0 5.42 Edition 1 July 15, 2021 English

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PM7300/PM5100/PM3100-T0 Series


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PM7300/PM5100/PM3100-T0 Series


Please use this enquiry form if you are an internet service provider (ISP) or system integrator. We will respond shortly after your submission.

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