1U Pizza Box 4/8-port GPON OLT

Broadband Passive Optical Network enriching access network services.

The Zyxel OLT1404A/OLT1408A 4/8-port GPON OLT provides up to 500/1K FTTH to subscribers with 4/8 ITU-T G.984 GPON fiber links.

  • Comprehensive QoS
  • IGMP
  • Sophisticated OAM&P
  • Temperature-hardened

Flexible FTTH applications

The Zyxel OLT1404A/OLT1408A 4/8-port GPON OLT provides up to 500/1K FTTH to subscribers with 4/8 ITU-T G.984 GPON fiber links. The GPON OLT supports split ratios of up to 1:128, while each SFP slot supports both class C+ and class B+ transceivers for different service reaches. The 4/8-port pizza box OLT is a cost-effective solution in thinly populated regions, and the 1U design makes installation easier thanks to its small size and compact design.

Various interfaces for network applications

The Zyxel 1U OLT supports various interfaces including eight Gigabit Ethernet optical interfaces, eight Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 interfaces and four 10G interfaces. The 8 GE optical interfaces support P2P services for enterprise users to enjoy guaranteed bandwidth. The RJ-45 GE interfaces facilitate local server connections for vertical applications or aggregate access network technologies like MSAN, VoIP AG and more. Customers can have more flexibility and unified management to smoothly integrate even more services. The 10G interfaces can be used with ERPS function for ring protection or to cascade other GPON devices without sacrificing bandwidth.

Advanced triple-play and mass deployment functionalities

The Zyxel OLT1404A/OLT1408A supports QoS, security and multicast functionalities; it also features IGMP snooping to prevent unnecessary multicast forwarding to all subscribers, which optimizes bandwidth utilization for multicast applications such as broadcast video. The OLT1404A/OLT1408A also supports the multicast VLAN feature that distributes the source to all VLANs requesting video streams.

High-reliability network deployments

The Zyxel OLT1404A/OLT1408A is a temperature-hardened remote system with a power supply compatible with either AC or DC power sources and an extra battery charger function. The OLT can operate in environments with temperature ranging from -40°C to 65°C, which allows it to meet various environment conditions worldwide. Since the OLT1404A/OLT1408A comes with battery charger function, customer doesn’t need an additional Switch Module Rectifier (SMR) to power the OLT1404A/OLT1408A as well as to charge the backup battery at the same time. It not only reduces CAPEX, but is also easier to deploy.

Sophisticated OAM & P features

The Zyxel OLT1404A/OLT1408A provides various management methods, such as local console port, Telnet and SNMP v1/v2/v3-based EMS (NetAtlas EMS) along with a web GUI. The management functions include alarm and status surveillance, configuration management, performance management and fault management. The NetAtlas EMS also provides view-based MIB management that partial MIB objects can be defined and accessed for customization and security purposes. The OLT1404A/OLT1408A offers a user-friendly web GUI that allows operators to manage through any browser on any PC, laptop or smart phone.

*Please note that all specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


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