DX3301/DX3300/EX3301/EX3300-T0 Series

Dual-Band Wireless AX1800 VDSL2/Ethernet IAD/Gateway

Take your customers seamlessly to WiFi 6

Hand in hand with the steady growth of IoT applications and connected appliances in households, your customers are looking for super-fast and reliable WiFi. Zyxel DX/EX3301/3300 DSL/Ethernet IAD/Gateway Series can provide them with superior WiFi service on all their devices – anywhere in their home. These products are a great choice for all service providers wanting to offer WiFi 6 service with Mesh capabilities under an existing copper and fiber infrastructure.

  • 5 GHz 2x2 ax
  • 2.4 GHz 2x2 ax
  • EasyMesh standards
  • TR-069/TR-181 i2
  • Multiple SSIDs
  • Comprehensive QoS
  • OPAL platform
  • Eco design
Model DX3301-T0 DX3300-T0 EX3301-T0 EX3300-T0
Product name Dual-Band Wireless AX1800 VDSL2 Gigabit IAD Dual-Band Wireless AX1800 VDSL2 Gigabit Gateway Dual-Band Wireless AX1800 Gigabit Ethernet IAD Dual-Band Wireless AX1800 Gigabit Ethernet Gateway
WAN interface DSL RJ11/GbE RJ45 DSL RJ11/GbE RJ45 GbE RJ45 GbE RJ45
Ethernet port (10/100/1000) 5 (1 for Ethernet WAN) 5 (1 for Ethernet WAN) 5 (1 for Ethernet WAN) 5 (1 for Ethernet WAN)
POTS FXS port 2 - 2 -
USB port 1 (USB 2.0) 1 (USB 2.0) 1 (USB 2.0) 1 (USB 2.0)

Take your customers to WiFi 6

Flexible and cost-competitive

This Series is a complete portfolio of DSL/Ethernet Gateways/IADs with a Mesh WiFi 6 Extender. The products are WiFi 6 standard compliant, they deliver 1200 Mbps with 5GHz 2x2 802.11ax and 574 Mbps with 2.4GHz 2x2 802.11ax and support EasyMesh standards compliant MPro Mesh®.
This is one of our most cost-competitive product series for migrating to Mesh WiFi 6 and service providers can launch brand new services or upgrade existing ones.

Mesh kills the dead zones

With easy setup, seamless roaming and network self-optimization, service providers can use this Series to either start new services or to upgrade existing ones. If your customers are looking to build whole-home WiFi coverage without dead zones, we suggest adding one or more WiFi 6 extenders.

Powerful remote management

The products in the Series have powerful, build-in management features that greatly reduce your service expenses, all while enhancing customer satisfaction. You can process remote configuration, upgrade software, run diagnostics and provide management – all from your own customer support office.

You decide the QoS

Based on your service offerings to customers - you can freely define the QoS policies and prioritize mission-critical traffic such as Voice. Defining the QoS will improve your customer’s network efficiency and give them the super-fast multi-play service quality they want. QoS settings are applicable for DX3301 and EX3301.

Keep up the pace with familiar interfaces

Zyxel’s well-known user interface follows this Series, saving time and cost on training technicians after they upgrade their services. The Series also comes with an MPro Mesh® app to assist your customers in setup, configuration and management of their home network, which greatly saves on the support costs.

Don’t worry. It’s Zyxel.

As for all Zyxel products – your will experience state of the art technology such as our unique OPAL software and our ecofriendly focus on product packaging, product housing designs and optimized plastic usage.


File type Model Version Release date Language Download
Datasheet EX3301-T0 2 January 25, 2021 English
EX3301-T0, DoC, CE
Declaration EX3301-T0 001.214-01-01254 March 5, 2021 English
Quick Start Guide EX3301-T0 001 February 24, 2021 English
Datasheet EX3300-T0 2 January 25, 2021 English
EX3300-T0, DoC, CE
Declaration EX3300-T0 001.214-01-01283 March 5, 2021 English
Quick Start Guide EX3300-T0 001 March 5, 2021 English,French,German,Italian,Spanish,Nederlands,Sweden,Finland
Datasheet DX3300-T0 2 January 25, 2021 English
DX3300-T0, DoC, CE
Declaration DX3300-T0 001.214-01-01282 March 5, 2021 English
Quick Start Guide DX3300-T0 001 March 5, 2021 English,French,German,Italian,Spanish,Nederlands,Finland
Users Guide EX3301-T0 V5.13_5.50 July 9, 2021 English
Users Guide DX3300-T0 1.0 July 9, 2021 English
Users Guide EX3300-T0 1.0 July 9, 2021 English

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DX3301/DX3300/EX3301/EX3300-T0 Series

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DX3301/DX3300/EX3301/EX3300-T0 Series

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