5G NR Outdoor Router

The Zyxel NR7123 5G NR Outdoor Router supports the latest 5G NR technology while at the same time remaining full compatibility with 4G networks. This makes NR7123 the best choice for service providers who are looking for 5G NR FWA solutions to deliver high-capacity, premium broadband services with high-speed connectivity, enhanced network security, and deployment flexibility.

With easy installation and setup features, NR7123 helps service providers minimize service calls during the installation process.

  • 5G NR, DL 4.6 Gbps
  • NSA & SA modes
  • DL 4x4 MIMO
  • 802.3af/at PoE
  • Multiple APNs
  • Bridge/router
  • Remote management
  • IP65-certified
  • Zyxel mobile app
NR7123, 5G NR Outdoor Router

Lightning-fast internet connectivity

The Zyxel NR7123 has 5G NR DL speeds higher than 4.7 Gbps** and 4G LTE DL speeds of up to 1.6 Gbps**.

The wide spectrum bandwidth accelerates internet speeds and reduces network latency for premium and time-sensitive connectivity services. With the high-speed 5G NR service you are able to fulfill the worldwide market requirements of mobile broadband access services.

Strengthen your competitive edge with Fixed Wireless Access (FWA)

Deploying NR7123 as part of FWA allows you to extend your 5G service coverage into subscribers’ homes and workplaces without extra wire infrastructure. This secures the TCOs and increases business revenue by supporting a larger number of subscribers with a premium fixed-grade connection.

Environmental durability

With IP65-compliant K.21 6KV/300A lightning protection, the Zyxel NR7123 guarantees high-quality connections, a longer device life against the weather and natural challenges. The NR7123 can operate within a wide range of temperature and humidity, which supports your service deployed in urban, sub-urban, and some rural area close to serving base stations.

Remote management and upgrade

Through the 5G/LTE radio interface, NR7123 supports TR-069, remote GUI, and FTP to be fully configurable. Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) support enables remote firmware upgrades and troubleshooting through events triggered by the operators.

SA/NSA dual-mode compliant

The Standalone (SA) and Non-Standalone (NSA) compliant architecture of NR7123 improves your operational efficiency during 5G migration, accelerating your 5G service rollouts.

zyxel air

Network setup and management in hand

Zyxel NR7123 supports Zyxel Air, an in-house developed app for Zyxel Fixed Wireless Access devices. The simple, intuitive yet powerful app simplifies the setup, configuration, and management of your customer's home or office networks. Your technicians can provide prompt and satisfying services with reduced average service time for each customer.

Easy and flexible installation

Zyxel NR7123 comes with an 802.3af/at Gigabit PoE port and supports easy and flexible installation with a multi-way mounting kit. Your technicians can install the device with ease and accelerate the deployments.

*All specifications are subject to change without notice.

**The maximum data rate is a theoretical value. The actual data rate depends on the operator.



File type Model Version Release date Language Download
NR7123, Regulation Certificates for RF, International approval
Certification NR7123 001.351-03-00545 February 21, 2022 English
NR7123, Regulation Certificates for RF, CE Certificate/ Regulation Report
Certification NR7123 001.351-03-00544 February 21, 2022 English
NR7123, Regulation Certificates for EMC, CE Certificate/ Regulation Report
Certification NR7123 001.351-01-01219 February 21, 2022 English
NR7123, Regulation Certificates for Safety, CE-LVD Certificate/ Regulation Report
Certification NR7123 001.351-02-00797 December 13, 2021 English
Datasheet NR7123 4 December 24, 2021 English
NR7123, DoC, CE
Declaration NR7123 001.214-01-01393 December 13, 2021 Multiple languages

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