The need for IBS

We rely on being connected through our cell phones. Yet 80% of all mobile traffic is generated indoors, notwithstanding WiFi. Today, ensuring ubiquitous, uninterrupted connectivity presents significant challenges for the service providers. This includes movement within a building, which often leads to mobile signal drops that can leave subscribers dissatisfied.


Walls keep signals out, and cellular connectivity has needed help in all scales of buildings no matter in urban or suburban areas for over 20 years. In-Building Solutions (IBS) is the name of this help.


Today, millions of buildings around the world need to bring cellular signals inside. Midsized buildings, in particular, have been massively underserved. All this is growing the IBS market—fast.


IBS coverage

IBS has long since saturated highly visible public venues like airports and stadia. However, a highly functional, easily installable and affordable solution for the middle market has never appeared—until now, with Zyxel.



Zyxel’s flagship CAT5 DAS, ZoneDAS is simple, flexible, and highly functional. Its straightforward design has one Base Unit (BU) connecting multiple Remote Units (RU). The BU accepts multiple signal inputs, while each RU cover a zone with signal. It supports up to 4 channels/bands/operators (each 20 MHz wide, in any supported band, independent of other channels), up to 8 coverage zones (each up to 2,500m2), and full software control.

ZoneDAS Base Unit
  • Supports up to 4 channels / bands / operators
  • Connects up to 8 Remote Units and / or Extenders
  • Great for hotels / hospitals / high-rises / shopping malls
SlimDAS Base Unit
  • Supports up to 2 channels / bands / operators
  • Connects up to 4 Remote Units and / or Extenders
  • Great for motels / wineries / mid-rises / factories
  • Adds connectivity (including power) for up to 8 more RUs
  • Multiple Extenders enable up to 32 RUs for SlimDAS and 64 RUs for ZoneDAS
  • Doubles RU deployment distance (to 200 meters)
  • Directly controlled by the host BU
Remote Unit
  • Provides up to 2500m2 of cellular coverage
  • Software switchable dual-mode antennas (external-antenna versions also available)
  • Powered by host BU/Extender through PoE
  • Easy CAT deployment, up to 100m from host Extender/BU

MagicOffice Repeater

MagicOffice repeater is a quad-band repeater and supports coverage space up to 900 square meter. It is the best solution to extend mobile signal into small offices, café, bars, restaurants or shops. MagicOffice repeater has intuitive LED signal indicator that enables worry-free rapid installation with soft coaxial cables for system integrators, meanwhile guarantees outstanding voice and data quality for business venue owners.

MultiSite Repeater

MultiSite repeater is a tri-band repeater with extendable capability for multi-floor residential and commercial buildings. Cascadable up to 7 nodes in 3 tier architecture, MultiSite repeater extends cellular signal into deep dead zone areas up to 300 meters away in the building. For outdoor donor signal challenge areas, MultiSite repeater is able to work with SymmRepeaterENTERPRISE to deliver superior voice and data quality. MultiSite repeater is the perfect answer to solve poor mobile signal quality and coverage issues. It delivers better customer service quality, higher productivity, and more revenue!


Zyxel’s SymmRepeater is a revolutionary RF repeater that offers previously unattainable features and advantages through its innovative dual-device design. Notable among these is its amazing 400m zero-loss amplification range, world-leading 108 dB gain, automatic isolation detection, and patented echo-avoidance technology. And it does these at full 4G speeds, with excellent signal quality, web interface, and remote management/monitoring. And it does these at full 4G or 5G FDD speeds, with excellent signal quality, web interface, and remote management/monitoring.

Indoor Housing
  • Comes in Donor or Service configurations
  • Svelte, inconspicuous design
  • Great for ceiling or wall installation
  • Available bi-pole antennas
IP65 Housing
  • Comes in Donor or Service configurations
  • IP65 water/dust resistant sealed design
  • Great for pole or wall installation
  • Available bi-pole or patch antennas