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Fiber demand is everywhere. Whether it’s for fiber-to-the-home, building, core, or node, one thing is consistent—your subscribers expect you to offer the fastest, most reliable network technology.

Zyxel’s FTTx solutions are highly flexible, scalable, and cost-effective options that are supported by our reliable technical assistance. Adaptable to your existing infrastructure and future upgrades, our Solutions expand with the challenging demands of your subscribers' needs without changing the existing network infrastructure.

Our award-winning solutions for fast, reliable, and cost-effective whole-home access for service providers.

Customer story

We have successfully partnered up with a substantialnumber of service providers


Discover how Zyxel helped wihelm.tel expand their fiber infrastructure by replacing existing copper networks for true FTTH connections.

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Learn how Zyxel supports Turknet during the transition toward fiber with flexible, reasonable-priced GPON-FTTH solutions.

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Cepral Cooperativa

Get a glimpse of how Zyxel helped Cepral Cooperativa upgrade their service for bandwidth-hungry home and enterprise customers.

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Cooperativa de Los Surgentes

Read the full story of Zyxel facilitating Cooperativa de Los Surgentes service upgrades to a high-performance, easy-to-manage FTTH network.

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Remote management

Remote management made easy

Minimize downtime and reduce operational costs across your entire fiber network with Zyxel NetAtlas, a powerful network management system for real-time monitoring, traffic analysis, and fault management.

For individual device management, Zyxel’s TR-069 and OMCI let you configure, monitor and troubleshoot devices without the expense of sending a service technician.

FTTx Solutions, xPON
  • Centralized, comprehensive management
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Fast system recovery
  • Up to 300 concurrent remote login capacity
  • Complete FCAPS embedded
  • Periodic configuration file backup
  • Prompt alarm collection and corrections
  • Batch ONT firmware upgrade
  • ONT plug and play
  • XML/SOAP northbound interface supported


Zyxel OPAL firmware for faster time-to-market

Adopting a new vendor can be a strenuous process for many service providers. That’s why we developed our own open-source operating system to make the infrastructure migration simple and consistent.

Zyxel’s OPAL firmware guarantees unchanged user experience when moving to Zyxel devices. It’s open-source architecture is built to seamlessly integrate with third-party applications and greatly reduces development time and costs for faster time-to-market.

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sustainability section

Fiber for a sustainable future

Fiber is not only faster than legacy copper, it’s made with more sustainable materials, uses significantly less energy, and reduces carbon emissions. Zyxel is dedicated to developing fast, reliable, and eco-friendly broadband connectivity.

We focus on reducing our carbon footprint in every step of the product lifecycle, including supplier selection, packaging, logistics and even disposal or recycling. Discover our wide range of environmentally friendly products that empower our customers to make smarter choices toward a more sustainable future!

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