CBRS Solutions

Innovative services across a range of locations

Lightning-fast broadband opens new markets

Demand for high-speed broadband is stronger than ever, supported by the growing Work From Home (WFH) trend.
CBRS offers service providers a cost-effective alternative to deliver high-speed services to hard-to-reach and underserved areas. Traditional and mobile service providers can leverage Zyxel’s extensive portfolio of CBRS outdoor and indoor CPEs to expand their service offerings as well as the service areas, thus adding new customers and boosting revenue.

The secret of lower CAPEX

The high-gain antenna and power-efficient design of Zyxel CBRS Outdoor CPEs reduce service provider capital expenditure by lowering the number of base stations needed while still providing premium service coverage.


Zyxel Band Pilot facilitates remote management

Zyxel Band Pilot is a cloud-based remote management system designed to help service providers remotely manage Zyxel cellular CPEs. Key features include remote troubleshooting, monitoring, RF performance history tracking, remote firmware upgrades, and TR-143 speed tests. Zyxel Band Pilot allows operators to boost network reliability and improve the internet connectivity experience for subscribers.


Flexible deployment scenarios for a range of locations

Zyxel CBRS Solutions are designed for different types of deployment environments, from dense urban areas to more spacious suburban and rural environments. This allows network customization with enhanced stability, increasing both service quality and potential revenue.

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