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Our WiFi 7 Solutions are with you to the finish line and beyond

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Next-generation speed with eco-friendly design

Zyxel WiFi 7 Solutions redefine wireless connectivity with next-generation technology and eco-friendly design. With subscriber bandwidth demands rising, service providers can now deliver ultimate service quality to meet the growing number of connected devices and emerging technologies through faster speeds, improved efficiency, and enhanced capacity.



Keeping service providers ahead of the 5G competition

Your customers expect blazing-fast, reliable connectivity wherever they are, whatever they do. That’s where Zyxel comes in. Our easy to deploy, scale and maintain 5G NR Solutions will be your strongest foothold for the rapid, massive rollout plans. We help you bring gigabit-grade speeds into a wide geographic territory, even in areas unreachable by wires.


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Designing for a greener future

All new products eco-friendly by 2025