November 2, 2020

Assisting TurkNet in their GPON expansion

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Founded in 1996, TurkNet is one of Turkey’s 100 largest IT companies. With a population of over 82 million people, the Turkish market is massive, and very competitive, but TurkNet is a powerful independent next generation telecom operator, always looking to expand their local, national and international connections to offer innovative products, large-scale broadband, and fibre-based infrastructure.

Thanks to TurkNet’s strong, widespread backup and high-capacity backbone, they are able to provide quality and reliable service that match private and corporate demands, in every region of Turkey.

TurkNet has been using Zyxel’s DSL CPE for several years, and in late 2019, they were on the look-out for new GPON technology. Their challenge was to find affordable, high-performance solutions that could fit into a highly-competitive FTTH-GPON market. Besides the importance of competitive pricing, TurkNet needed a partner with a solution-oriented approach to any operational challenges as well as a strong local presence in Turkey.

Zyxel Communications offers the added flexibility to use our existing fixed line CPE for both DSL and fibre services, so we were able to support TurkNet on their process towards fibre.

“Zyxel provided a reasonably priced solution that fits our requirements, and they had a great local team that helped us throughout the process,” says Sinan Kurmuş, Chief Consumer Business Unit Officer, TurkNet.

Zyxel’s Fibre Access solution provides different fibre connectivity options for our service provider requirements. We can easily deploy services on GPON, Active Fibre solutions with OLT, ONU/ONT and active fibre gateways in our roadmap. GPON technology is the first step.

Mustafa Uçar
Chief Technology Officer at TurkNet

TurkNet already used Zyxel’s VMG8623-T50B Dual Band Wireless AC1200 VDSL2 VoIP Combo WAN Gigabit IAD. In order to expand their assortment of services, they added Zyxel OLT1404A/OLT1408A 4/8-port GPON OLT, PMG 1005, IES5212M-ZZ01V1F to the product line up – giving them the valuable logistical advantage of using products for both DSL and fibre.

“The 4/8-port pizza box OLT provides us a cost-effective solution, and cost saving is important for TurkNet’s sustainable growth,” says Mustafa Uçar, Chief Technology Officer at TurkNet.

TurkNet has made continuous investments and innovations over the years, and works after a principle of unconditional customer satisfaction. Due to all their hard work, TurkNet continues to be one of the most important players in the Turkish telecom market.

Here’s Mustafa Uçar, Chief Technology Officer at TurkNet, with a closing statement that we are very proud to share with you all:

“We did not face any problems in the implementation process. Zyxel’s technical teams were very helpful, it was easy to implement the Zyxel GPON-FTTH equipment, and any issues with the operation of the equipment were quickly resolved with firmware upgrades. We recommend Zyxel Communications to our colleagues in worldwide ISP’s without hesitation.”

Thank you, TurkNet. We are happy to be at your service.

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