Responsible Supply Chain

As a multinational corporation, Zyxel is committed to the development of a green supply chain. We evaluate the eligibility of supplier candidate based on review of their green-related management and systems, seeking to foster sustainable development. 


Green supply chain development stages

Zyxel’s green system development plan includes 4 stages, and we are currently transitioning from stage 3 to stage 4.

  • Stage 1 — regulatory compliance: targets WEEE, RoHS, Battery, eu PPW
  • Stage 2 — regulations exceeded: targets Green IT System, IECQ QC080000
  • Stage 3 — ECO-efficiency: targets PCR, EPD (ISO 14025), GHG (ISO 14054)
  • Stage 4 — sustainable development: targets sustainability, CFP (ISO 14067), Green Design (ISO 14062)


Green supply chain audit

Zyxel established "Green Supplier Auditing Procedures" requiring suppliers to verify their carbon footprints. The auditing procedures set a rating standard and a rating form to categorize the suppliers so the procurement units can make decisions based on the status and auditing frequency of the suppliers. 

A database of "Green Parts" has also been established to recognize a green supply chain for integration with ErP and Data Management Systems to generate technical documents and ensure conformity to carbon emission regulations.

Zyxel continuously audits major component suppliers and contractors to confirm their ability.


Green management platform

Zyxel established a green manufacturing platform for suppliers to upload inspection and testing report information required by the WEEE, RoHS, and ErP regulations. This platform not only provides an important database of pollution- and toxic-free components but also reduces monetary and personnel costs for audits.