Zyxel Communications and SEC Consult reach next-level of cybersecurity

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Copenhagen, Denmark, 16 November 2021 – Zyxel Communications today announced a partnership with SEC Consult, a leading consultancy in cyber- and application security. The collaboration between the two companies will further strengthen Zyxel’s cybersecurity strategy by expediting and optimizing the ability to respond to threats and vulnerabilities posed by increasingly-complex and ever-evolving cybersecurity threats.

As digitization permeates everyday life and digital communication tools have become indispensable for many services, end-users are increasingly relying on information-sensitive online services. Leading internet service providers are therefore attaching even greater importance to network security.

Ensuring a secure development and software architecture

Zyxel, a leading broadband access provider, always follows a detailed security roadmap and already employs a designated security team to ensure the highest product security. The collaboration with SEC Consult specifically addresses the challenges presented by software-driven products that can expose the network to unknown security vulnerabilities. Focused on identifying and avoiding possible security risks, the companies worked together to conduct a robust organizational and technical assessment that will lead to an overall optimization of Zyxel’s secure software development process and security verification procedures.

In addition, SEC Consult conducted a vulnerability assessment in which the software for select Zyxel devices was reviewed. Findings from the assessment were provided to Zyxel’s dedicated security team to serve as feedback for a secure development and software architecture.

Moving forward, SEC Consult will help Zyxel implement a firmware security analysis platform as a regular security review mechanism to automate the security analysis procedure over the long-term.

Raising the overall security level

“Cybersecurity should be considered from the very beginning,” says Wolfgang Baumgartner, General Manager SEC Consult Group. “It is important to cooperate as early as possible in the value chain, starting with the manufacturers. Additionally, continuous improvement and regular assessments are just as important as the sustainable creation of security awareness in the company. We are proud that our company is supporting Zyxel to prevent, handle, and manage security vulnerabilities more efficiently in the future.”

“The cooperation with SEC Consult will help us to reinforce our security awareness among employees through well-designed training programs, said James Harris, Senior Product Director of Zyxel EMEA. “We expect to escalate our product security level through proactive vulnerability prevention.”


About SEC Consult

SEC Consult is one of the leading consultancies in the area of cyber and application security. SEC Consult’s customers include government agencies, international organizations and leading companies from various industries of the private sector as well as critical infrastructure. The company is certified in accordance with ISO 27001 as well as CREST at several locations. SEC Consult is part of Atos.


About Zyxel Communications

Zyxel Communications delivers technological innovations and has connected the world to the internet for more than 30 years. Whether it’s a matter of establishing access through fixed or mobile broadband solutions, Zyxel Communications offers a comprehensive and flexible portfolio of products that’s keeping service providers ahead of the competition.

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