Green Products

Green products policy and statements

Zyxel strives to develop cutting-edge products that empower service providers to deliver innovative broadband services while minimizing environmental impacts throughout the product life cycle. Zyxel has developed a green product policy that thoroughly aligns with international regulations and standards. A series of initiatives have been attained to reduce hazardous substance emissions, design energy-efficient products, and prolong product life spans.

Zyxel affirms its determination to develop environmentally sustainable products through the following commitments:

  • Abide by all environmental regulations and guidelines and continuously improve efforts to reduce the company’s environmental impacts.
  • Conduct ongoing employee communication to ensure all employees understand their duties in sustainability and proactively adopt the green management system in their job functions.
  • Purchase energy-efficient electrical fittings and accessories from responsible suppliers, as well as improve the energy efficiency of products and services.
  • Develop green products and specify hazardous substance restrictions and rules while continuously improving product life cycle to minimize environmental impacts.
  • Reduce energy and raw material consumption, continue investing improved energy efficiency of products, and implement recycling to guarantee a more sustainable product life cycle.
  • Continually improve environmental management performance and product eco-design to reduce pollutants, prevent disease, and occupational disaster arising from the production products.
  • Effectively manage inventory to gradually reduce greenhouse gas emissions.