FTTx Solutions

Comprehensive portfolios to satisfy a range of fiber deployment configurations.

Fiber ONT

Deliver both speed and value with a flexible, scalable, and interoperable premium portfolio.

Keep ahead of the competition with our diverse and highly acknowledged fiber access portfolio from EMEA and beyond.

product portfolio

Comprehensive fiber access product portfolio

Learn more about our resilient, scalable, and interoperable Optical Line Terminals and Optical Network Terminals.


Enables symmetric 10 Gbps connections for premium services.


Offers flexibility and scalability for all network upgrades.


Supports All-In-One PON interface for maximum reliability in network deployment and maintenance.

Active fiber

Adds higher bandwidth capacity and speed to your existing Ethernet infrastructure.


Experience our field-proven success

Zyxel's XGS-PON Solutions powers DIGI Spain's first-of-its-kind 10G offering

wilhelm.tel provides fiber‑to‑the‑home connectivity with Zyxel GPON Solutions

Zyxel helps B4RN connect rural primary schools with 10Gbps capable broadband

TurkNet expands fiber deployments with Zyxel’s FTTH‑GPON Solutions