10G PON E2E Solutions

Accelerate your future success

10G PON: the answer to the bandwidth-intensive challenges of tomorrow

The skyrocketing pace of technological development has driven up consumer demand for increased bandwidth. Current HDTV, VR/AR, online interactive gaming, video streaming and user-generated live content require much more bandwidth than current GPON technology can provide.

To meet subscriber demand, service providers must expand current service capacity beyond gigabit limitations. In this rapidly changing network environment, it becomes more difficult to keep up with the competition. 10G PON creates new opportunities to rapidly monetize your networks through high-ARPU business services or premium-tier residential services as users expect faster Internet connections.

Solution benefits

Zyxel’s unique industry experience in both fiber and copper has helped many leading broadband operators and commercial customers successfully build their GPON infrastructure with ease and agility. Zyxel 10G PON solutions offer service providers the following advantages:

10G PON E2E Solutions, accelerate your future success
Boost bandwidth with next-gen PON portfolio

Zyxel delivers a comprehensive portfolio to satisfy a range FTTx deployment scenarios, ensuring a seamless network transition to 10G and above.

10G PON E2E Solutions, accelerate your future success
Maximize existing network ROI

Zyxel unified platform takes advantage of the existing PON and copper infrastructure to increase network bandwidth and reliability with the lowest CAPEX and OPEX.

10G PON E2E Solutions, accelerate your future success
Quick deployment and simplified maintenance

Zyxel next-gen PON solutions provide more efficient provisioning and remote management, eliminating the need for field technicians to configure setups or diagnose problems.

10G PON E2E Solutions, accelerate your future success
Increased value from convergent service

By combining services on one fiber network, operators can expand their addressable market from residential customers to premium business services.

Upgrade to multi-gigabit network

Adopting Zyxel 10G PON solutions helps you upgrade networks from existing GPON to 10G PON smoothly with lower CAPEX, providing your customers with true gigabit-grade bandwidth.

Provide symmetrical gigabit bandwidth

With XGS-PON standard (ITU G.9807) compliance, Zyxel delivers symmetrical gigabit bandwidth in a cost-effective solution, boosting both your residential and enterprise business.

Ready for tomorrow’s challenges today

Zyxel unified platform allows the connection of XG-PON1, XGS-PON or NG-PON2 ONTs to handle the explosive growth of tomorrow’s bandwidth consuming applications such as AR/VR, critical cloud, and complex IoT devices.

10G PON FTTH Solutions deployment scenario

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