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We are meeting the ever growing demands of traffic with the unimaginable speed of WiFi 7, while making our most sustainable products to date.

From Rome to Reykjavik

Since the dawn of 5G, we have conquered frontiers throughout Europe and beyond

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Learn why our Mesh WiFi 6 is such a great choice

From fibergood to fibergreat

Take advantage of our expertise within 10G fiber solutions



Zyxel delivers the technology for KCOM’s next level Wi-Fi

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About us

About us

Keeping service providers ahead of the competition

Mesh WiFi 6

Your customers expect super-fast and reliable connectivity. Our comprehensive WiFi 6 portfolio with Mesh capabilities helps you address the unique requirements of each customer to meet today’s and tomorrow’s critical connectivity needs.

Great choice. Fast delivery

Hand in hand with the steady growth of IoT applications and connected appliances in households, your customers are looking for super-fast and reliable WiFi – anywhere in their home. These products are a great choice for all service providers wanting to offer WiFi 6 service with Mesh capabilities under an existing copper and fiber infrastructure - and they are now in stock and ready for immediate delivery.



The Zyxel 5G NR FWA solutions allows operators to deliver high-capacity, premium broadband services with high-speed connectivity, enhanced network security and deployment flexibility.


Customer story

Joining Telenor Norway on their massive 5G roll out

Telenor Norway highlights Zyxel’s innovative technology, effective local presence, and collaborative approach as key reasons for choosing Zyxel’s service. The innovation at the center of the 5G rollout is the Zyxel NR7101 5G NR Outdoor Router.