Quick Start
Quick Start Overview
Use the Wizard screens to configure the Zyxel Device’s time zone and WiFi settings.
Quick Start Setup
You can click the Wizard icon in the side bar to open the Wizard screens. After you click the Wizard icon, the following screen appears. Click Let’s go to proceed with settings on time zone and WiFi networks. It will take you a few minutes to complete the settings on the Wizard screens. You can click Skip to leave the Wizard screens.
Wizard – Home
Quick Start Setup – Time Zone
Select the time zone of the Zyxel Device’s location. Click Next.
Wizard – Time Zone
Quick Start Setup – Internet Connection
The Zyxel Device detects your Internet connection status. Click Next to continue.
Wizard – Internet
Successful Internet Connection
The Zyxel Device has Internet access.
Wizard – Successful Internet Connection
Unsuccessful Internet Connection
The Zyxel Device did not detect a WAN connection. See Internet Problems for troubleshooting the Zyxel Device WAN connection.
Wizard – Internet Connection is Down
Quick Start Setup – WiFi
Turn WiFi on or off. If you keep it on, record the WiFi Name and Password in this screen so you can configure your WiFi clients to connect to the Zyxel Device. If you want to show or hide your WiFi password, click the Eye icon ().
Select Keep 2.4G and 5G the same to use the same SSID for 2.4G and 5G WiFi networks. Otherwise, clear the check box to have two different SSIDs for 2.4G and 5G WiFi networks. The screen and fields to enter may vary when you select or clear the check box.
You have to disable MPro Mesh in the Network > Wireless > MESH screen to clear the Keep 2.4G and 5G the same check box. Click Done.
Wizard – WiFi
Quick Start Setup – Finish
Your Zyxel Device saves and applies your settings.