Phone Region
Use this screen to configure settings that depend on which region of the world the Zyxel Device is in. Selecting the region where the device is physically located improves the quality of phone calls.
To access this screen, click VoIP > Phone > Region.
VoIP > Phone > Region
The following table describes the labels in this screen.
VoIP > Phone > Region
Region Setting
Select the place in which the Zyxel Device is located.
Call Service Mode
Select the mode for supplementary phone services (call hold, call waiting, call transfer and three-way conference calls) that your VoIP service provider supports.
Europe Type – use supplementary phone services in European mode.
USA Type – use supplementary phone services American mode.
You might have to subscribe to these services to use them. Contact your VoIP service provider.
Click this to save your changes and to apply them to the Zyxel Device.
Click this to set every field in this screen to its last-saved value.
*You need to reboot the Zyxel Device after changing the region settings for it to take effect.