User Account
User Account
Click Maintenance > User Account to open the following screen. Use this screen to create and manage user accounts and their privileges on the Zyxel Device.
Maintenance > User Account
The following table describes the labels in this screen.
Maintenance > User Account 
Add New Account
Click this button to add a new user account (up to four Administrator accounts and four User accounts).
This is the index number.
This indicates whether the user account is active or not.
The checkbox is selected when the user account is enabled. It is cleared when it is disabled.
User Name
This displays the name of the account used to log into the Zyxel Device Web Configurator.
Retry Times
This displays the number of times consecutive wrong passwords can be entered for this account. 0 means there is no limit.
Idle Timeout
This displays the length of inactive time before the Zyxel Device will automatically log the user out of the Web Configurator.
Lock Period
This field displays the length of time a user must wait before attempting to log in again after a number of consecutive wrong passwords have been entered as defined in Retry Times.
This field displays this user has Administrator privileges.
Remote Privilege
This field displays whether this user can access the Zyxel Device with HTTP, Telnet or SSH through the WAN, LAN or LAN/WAN.
Click the Edit icon to configure the entry.
Click the Delete icon to remove the entry.
Click Cancel to restore your previously saved settings.
Click Apply to save your changes.