Device Maintenance
This section shows you how to upgrade the Zyxel Device firmware, back up the configuration and restore the Zyxel Device to its previous or default settings.
Upgrading the Firmware
Upload the router firmware to the Zyxel Device for feature enhancements.
1 Download the correct firmware file from the download library at the Zyxel website. The model code for the Zyxel Device in this example is v5.13(ABLZ.1) Note the model code for your Zyxel Device. Unzip the file.
2 Go to the Maintenance > Firmware Upgrade screen.
3 Click Browse/Choose File and select the file with a ".bin" extension to upload. Click Upload.
4 This process may take up to 2 minutes to finish. After 2 minutes, log in again and check your new firmware version in the Connection Status screen.
Backing up the Device Configuration
Back up a configuration file allows you to return to your previous settings.
1 Go to the Maintenance > Backup/Restore screen.
2 Under Backup Configuration, click Backup. A configuration file is saved to your computer. In this case, the Backup/Restore file is saved.
Restoring the Device Configuration
This section shows you how to restore a previously-saved configuration file from your computer to your Zyxel Device.
1 Go to the Maintenance > Backup/Restore screen.
2 Under Restore Configuration, click Browse/Choose File, and then select the configuration file that you want to upload. Click Upload.
3 The Zyxel Device automatically restarts after the configuration file is successfully uploaded. Wait for one minute before logging into the Zyxel Device again. Go to the Connection Status page to check the firmware version after the reboot.