VoIP Problems
I cannot make phone calls through the phone connected to the Zyxel Device.
1 Pick up the phone and check the phone tone. You should hear the dial tone if your configuration on the Zyxel Device is correct, and your phone is successfully connected to the SIP server.
2 Make sure your phone is connected to the Zyxel Device phone port through an RJ-11 cable. Check the Zyxel Device phone LED for the corresponding phone status.
3 Make sure the Zyxel Device has an Internet connection. See Internet Problems for more information.
4 Make sure your SIP account is registered and your SIP service plan is valid. Use the System Monitor > VoIP Status screen to check the account Registration status.
5 Make sure your SIP server settings (in the VoIP > SIP > SIP Service Provider and the VoIP > SIP > SIP Account screens) use the correct information from your SIP service provider. For example, your SIP service provider name, SIP account and password.
6 Make sure your phone settings (in the VoIP > Phone > Phone Device screen) are correct.
7 Contacting the SIP server administrator and make sure your SIP server isn’t down.