System Log
Use the System Log screen to see the system logs. You can filter the entries by selecting a severity level and/or category. Click System Monitor > Log to open the System Log screen.
System Monitor > Log > System Log
The following table describes the fields in this screen.
System Monitor > Log > System Log 
Select a severity level from the drop-down list box. This filters search results according to the severity level you have selected. When you select a severity, the Zyxel Device searches through all logs of that severity or higher.
Select the type of logs to display.
Clear Log
Click this to delete all the logs.
Click this to renew the log screen.
Export Log
Click this to export the selected logs.
E-mail Log Now
Click this to send the log files to the email address you specify in the Maintenance > Log Setting screen.
This field is a sequential value and is not associated with a specific entry.
This field displays the time the log was recorded.
The log facility allows you to send logs to different files in the syslog server. Refer to the documentation of your syslog program for more details.
This field displays the severity level of the log that the Zyxel Device is to send to this syslog server.
This field displays the type of the log.
This field states the reason for the log.