Parental Control
Parental Control Overview
Parental control allows you to limit the time a user can access the Internet and prevent users from viewing inappropriate content or participating in specified online activities.
Your parental control screens may be different depending on the model you’re using. Some Zyxel Devices support scheduling, some support scheduling and URL filtering.
See Overview for more information.
Parental Control Schedule
Use this screen to enable parental control and view parental control rules and schedules. You can limit the time a user can access the Internet. These rules are defined in a Parental Control Profile (PCP).
Click Security > Parental Control to open the following screen.
*For some Zyxel Device models, you need to disable MESH to add a new parental control profile.
Security > Parental Control
The following table describes the fields in this screen.
Security > Parental Control 
Parental Control
Click this switch to enable or disable parental control.
Scheduled Profile
This screen shows all the created profiles.
Add more Profile
Click this button to create a new profile.