DoS (Denial of Service) attacks can flood your Internet connection with invalid packets and connection requests, using so much bandwidth and so many resources that Internet access becomes unavailable. Use the DoS screen to activate protection against DoS attacks.
Click Security > Firewall > DoS to display the following screen.
Security > Firewall > DoS
The following table describes the labels in this screen.
Security > Firewall > DoS
DoS Protection Blocking
Enable this to protect against DoS attacks. The Zyxel Device will drop sessions that surpass maximum thresholds.
Click this to save your changes.
Click this to restore your previously saved settings.
Guidelines For Security Enhancement With Your Firewall
1 Change the default password through the Web Configurator.
2 Think about access control before you connect to the network in any way.
3 Limit who can access your router.
4 Don't enable any local service (such as telnet or FTP) that you do not use. Any enabled service could present a potential security risk. A determined hacker might be able to find creative ways to misuse the enabled services to access the firewall or the network.
5 For local services that are enabled, protect against misuse. Protect by configuring the services to communicate only with specific peers, and protect by configuring rules to block packets for the services at specific interfaces.
6 Protect against IP spoofing by making sure the firewall is active.
7 Keep the firewall in a secured (locked) room.