Import Trusted CA Certificate
Click Import Certificate in the Trusted CA screen to open the Import Certificate screen. The Zyxel Device trusts any valid certificate signed by any of the imported trusted CA certificates. Certificates should be in one of the following formats: Binary X.509, PEM (base-64) encoded, Binary PKCS#7, or PEM (base-64) encoded PKCS#7.
*You must remove any spaces from the certificate’s filename before you can import the certificate.
Security > Certificates > Trusted CA > Import Certificate
The following table describes the labels in this screen.
Security > Certificates > Trusted CA > Import Certificate 
Certificate File Path
Enter the location of the file you want to upload in this field or click Choose File/Browse to find it.
Choose File/Browse
Click this to find the certificate file you want to upload.
Click this to save the certificate on the Zyxel Device.
Click this to exit this screen without saving.