View Certificate Request
Use this screen to view in-depth information about the certificate request. The Certificate is used to verify the authenticity of the certification authority. The Private Key serves as your digital signature for authentication and must be safely stored. The Signing Request contains the certificate signing request value that you will copy upon submitting the certificate request to the CA (certificate authority).
Click the View icon in the Local Certificates screen to open the following screen.
Security > Certificates > Local Certificates: View Certificate
The following table describes the fields in this screen.
Security > Certificates > Local Certificates: View Certificates 
This field displays the identifying name of this certificate.
This field displays general information about the certificate. ca means that a Certification Authority signed the certificate.
This field displays information that identifies the owner of the certificate, such as Common Name (CN), Organizational Unit (OU), Organization (O) and Country (C).
This read-only text box displays the certificate in Privacy Enhanced Mail (PEM) format. PEM uses base 64 to convert the binary certificate into a printable form.
You can copy and paste the certificate into an email to send to friends or colleagues or you can copy and paste the certificate into a text editor and save the file on a management computer for later distribution.
Private Key
This field displays the private key of this certificate.
Signing Request
This field displays the CSR (Certificate Signing Request) information of this certificate. The CSR will be provided to a certificate authority, and it includes information about the public key, organization name, domain name, location, and country of this certificate.
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