SNMP Overview
This chapter explains how to configure the SNMP settings on the Zyxel Device.
Simple Network Management Protocol is a protocol used for exchanging management information between network devices. Your Zyxel Device supports SNMP agent functionality, which allows a manager station to manage and monitor the Zyxel Device through the network. The Zyxel Device supports SNMP version one (SNMPv1) and version two (SNMPv2c). The next figure illustrates an SNMP management operation.
SNMP Management Model
An SNMP managed network consists of two main types of component: agents and a manager.
An agent is a management software module that resides in a managed device (the Zyxel Device). An agent translates the local management information from the managed device into a form compatible with SNMP. The manager is the console through which network administrators perform network management functions. It executes applications that control and monitor managed devices.
The managed devices contain object variables or managed objects that define each piece of information to be collected about a device. Examples of variables include such as number of packets received, node port status, and so on. A Management Information Base (MIB) is a collection of managed objects. SNMP allows a manager and agents to communicate for the purpose of accessing these objects.
SNMP itself is a simple request/response protocol based on the manager or agent model. The manager issues a request and the agent returns responses using the following protocol operations:
Get – Allows the manager to retrieve an object variable from the agent.
GetNext – Allows the manager to retrieve the next object variable from a table or list within an agent. In SNMPv1, when a manager wants to retrieve all elements of a table from an agent, it initiates a Get operation, followed by a series of GetNext operations.
Set – Allows the manager to set values for object variables within an agent.
Trap – Used by the agent to inform the manager of some events.
SNMP Settings
Click Maintenance > SNMP to open the following screen. Use this screen to configure the Zyxel Device SNMP settings.
Maintenance > SNMP
The following table describes the fields in this screen.
Maintenance > SNMP 
SNMP Agent
Click the switch (turns blue) to let the Zyxel Device act as an SNMP agent, which allows a manager station to manage and monitor the Zyxel Device through the network. Otherwise, click the switch (turns gray) to turn this feature off.
Get Community
Enter the Get Community, which is the password for the incoming Get and GetNext requests from the management station.
Set Community
Enter the Set community, which is the password for incoming Set requests from the management station.
Trap Community
Enter the Trap Community, which is the password sent with each trap to the SNMP manager. The default is public and allows all requests.
System Name
Enter the SNMP system name.
System Location
Enter the SNMP system location.
System Contact
Enter the SNMP system contact.
Trap Destination
Type the IP address of the station to send your SNMP traps to.
Click this to save your changes back to the Zyxel Device.
Click this to restore your previously saved settings.