Use this screen to configure WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) on your Zyxel Device.
WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) allows you to quickly set up a WiFi network with strong security, without having to configure security settings manually. Select one of the WPS methods and follow the instructions to establish a WPS connection.Your WiFi devices must support WPS to use this feature. We recommend using Push Button Configuration (PBC) if your WiFi device supports it.
*The Zyxel Device applies the security settings of the main SSID (SSID1) profile to the WPS wireless connection (see More Secure (Recommended)). Some models support more than one SSID profile, check the supported number on the Network Setting > Wireless > General screen.
*The WPS switch is unavailable if the WiFi is disabled.
If WPS is enabled, UPnP will automatically be turned on.
Click Network Setting > Wireless > WPS. The following screen displays. Click this switch and it will turn blue. Click Apply to activate the WPS function. Then you can configure the WPS settings in this screen.
Network Setting > Wireless > WPS
The following table describes the labels in this screen.
Network Setting > Wireless > WPS 
Select a 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency band to enable WPS for all WiFi networks in the selected band.
If you use the WPS button on the Zyxel Device ports panel, WPS is automatically enabled on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. See Ports Panel for more information about the WPS button.
Slide this to the right to enable and have the Zyxel Device activate WPS. Otherwise, it is disabled.
Add a new device with WPS Method
Method 1 PBC
Use this section to set up a WPS WiFi network using Push Button Configuration (PBC). Click this switch to make it turn blue. Click Apply to activate WPS method 1 on the Zyxel Device.
Click this button to add another WPS-enabled WiFi device (within WiFi range of the Zyxel Device) to your WiFi network. This button may either be a physical button on the outside of a WiFi device, or a menu button similar to the WPS button on this screen.
*You must press the other WiFi device’s WPS button within 2 minutes of pressing this button.
Click Cancel to restore your previously saved settings.
Click Apply to save your changes.
The types of encryption you can choose depend on the type of authentication.
Types of Encryption for Each Type of Authentication 
No Authentication
No Security
WPA3 (server certificate validation)