Media Server
The media server feature lets anyone on your network play video, music, and photos from the USB storage device connected to your Zyxel Device without having to copy them to another computer. The Zyxel Device can function as a DLNA-compliant media server, where the Zyxel Device streams files to DLNA-compliant media clients like Windows Media Player. The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) is a group of personal computer and electronics companies that works to make products compatible in a home network.
The Zyxel Device media server enables you to:
Publish all shares for everyone to play media files in the USB storage device connected to the Zyxel Device.
Use hardware-based media clients like the DMA-2500 to play the files.
*Anyone on your network can play the media files in the published shares. No user name and password or other form of security is used. The media server is enabled by default with the video, photo, and music shares published.
To change your Zyxel Device’s media server settings, click Network Setting > USB Service > Media Server. The screen appears as shown.
Network Setting > USB Service > Media Server
The following table describes the labels in this menu.
Network Setting > USB Service > Media Server 
Media Server
Click this switch to have the Zyxel Device function as a DLNA-compliant media server. When the switch goes to the right , the function is enabled. Otherwise, it is not.
Enable the media server to let (DLNA-compliant) media clients on your network play media files located in the shares.
Select an interface on which you want to enable the media server function. An interface can be added or modified in Network Setting > Interface Grouping.
This is the volume name the Zyxel Device gives to an inserted USB device. Select a volume in the USB storage device(s) to allow the Zyxel Device media server access. Select All USB Devices to enable access on all volumes.
Media Library Path
Enter the path clients use to access the media files on a USB storage device connected to the Zyxel Device.
Click Cancel to restore your previously saved settings.
Click Apply to save your changes.