USB Service
USB Service Overview
You can share files on a USB memory stick or hard drive connected to your Zyxel Device with users on your network.
The following figure is an overview of the Zyxel Device’s file server feature. Computers A and B can access files on a USB device (C) which is connected to the Zyxel Device.
File Sharing Overview
The Zyxel Device will not be able to join a workgroup if your local area network has restrictions set up that do not allow devices to join a workgroup. In this case, contact your network administrator.
What You Can Do in this Chapter
Use the File Sharing screen to enable file-sharing server (USB Service).
Use the Media Server screen to enable or disable the sharing of media files (Media Server).
What You Need To Know
The following terms and concepts may help as you read this chapter.
About File Sharing
Workgroup Name
This is the name given to a set of computers that are connected on a network and share resources such as a printer or files. Windows automatically assigns the workgroup name when you set up a network.
When settings are set to default, each USB device connected to the Zyxel Device is given a folder, called a “share”. If a USB hard drive connected to the Zyxel Device has more than one partition, then each partition will be allocated a share. You can also configure a “share” to be a sub-folder or file on the USB device.
File Systems
A file system is a way of storing and organizing files on your hard drive and storage device. Often different operating systems such as Windows or Linux have different file systems. The file sharing feature on your Zyxel Device supports File Allocation Table (FAT) and FAT32.
Common Internet File System
The Zyxel Device uses Common Internet File System (CIFS) protocol for its file sharing functions. CIFS compatible computers can access the USB file storage devices connected to the Zyxel Device. CIFS protocol is supported on Microsoft Windows, Linux Samba and other operating systems (refer to your systems specifications for CIFS compatibility).
Before You Begin
1 Make sure the Zyxel Device is connected to your network and turned on.
2 Connect the USB device to one of the Zyxel Device’s USB port. If you are connecting a USB hard drive that comes with an external power supply, make sure it is connected to an appropriate power source.
3 The Zyxel Device detects the USB device and makes its contents available for browsing.
*If your USB device cannot be detected by the Zyxel Device, see the troubleshooting for suggestions.
USB Service
Use this screen to set up file sharing through the Zyxel Device. The Zyxel Device’s LAN users can access the shared folder (or share) from the USB device inserted in the Zyxel Device. To access this screen, click Network Setting > USB Service.
Network Setting > USB Service
*The Share Directory List is only visible when you connect a USB device.
Each field is described in the following table.
Network Setting > USB Service 
This is the volume name the Zyxel Device gives to an inserted USB device.
This is the total available memory size (in megabytes) on the USB device.
Used Space
This is the memory size (in megabytes) already used on the USB device.
Server Configuration
File Sharing Services
Click this switch to enable file sharing through the Zyxel Device.
Share Directory List
This only appears when you have inserted a USB device.
Add New Share
Click this to set up a new share on the Zyxel Device.
Select this to allow the share to be accessed.
This field shows the status of the share
: The share is not activated.
: The share is activated.
Share Name
This field displays the name of the file you shared.
Share Path
This field displays the location in the USB of the file you shared.
Share Description
This field displays a description of the file you shared.
Click the Edit icon to change the settings of an existing share.
Click the Delete icon to delete this share in the list.
Account Management
Add New User
Click this button to create a user account to access the secured shares. This button redirects you to Maintenance > User Account.
This field shows the status of the user.
: The user account is not activated for the share.
: The user account is activated for the share.
User Name
This is the name of a user who is allowed to access the secured shares on the USB device.
Click this to restore your previously saved settings.
Click this to save your changes to the Zyxel Device.
Add New Share
Use this screen to set up a new share or edit an existing share on the Zyxel Device. Click Add New Share in the File Sharing screen or click the Edit or Modify icon next to an existing share.
Please note that you need to set up shared folders on the USB device before enabling file sharing in the Zyxel Device. Spaces and the following special characters, [ " ], [ ` ], [ ' ], [ < ], [ > ], [ ^ ], [ $ ], [ | ], [ & ], [ ; ], are not allowed for the USB share name.
Network Setting > USB Service > Add New Share
The following table describes the labels in this menu.
Network Setting > USB Service > Add New Share 
Select the volume in the USB storage device that you want to add as a share in the Zyxel Device.
This field is read-only when you are editing the share.
Share Path
Manually enter the file path for the share, or click the Browse button and select the folder that you want to add as a share.
This field is read-only when you are editing the share.
You can either enter a short description of the share, or leave this field blank. You can use up to 128 printable characters except [ " ], [ ` ], [ ' ], [ < ], [ > ], [ ^ ], [ $ ], [ | ], [ & ], or [ ; ]. Spaces are allowed.
Access Level
Select Public if you want the share to be accessed by users connecting to the Zyxel Device. Otherwise, select Security.
If Security is selected in the Access Level field, select this check box to allow/prohibit access to the share.
User Name
This field specifies the user for which the Allowed setting applies. Users can be added or modified in Maintenance > User Account.
Click Cancel to return to the previous screen.
Click OK to save your changes.
Add New User Screen
Once you click the Add New User button, you will be directed to the User Account screen. To create a user account that can access the secured shares on the USB device, click the Add New Account button in the Network Setting > USB Service > User Account screen.
Please see User Account, for detailed information about User Account screen.