Dynamic DNS
Dynamic DNS can update your current dynamic IP address mapping to a hostname. Configure a DDNS service provider on your Zyxel Device. Click Network Setting > DNS > Dynamic DNS. The screen appears as shown.
Network Setting > DNS > Dynamic DNS
The following table describes the fields in this screen.
Network Setting > DNS > Dynamic DNS 
Dynamic DNS Setup
Dynamic DNS
Select Enable to use dynamic DNS.
Service Provider
Select your Dynamic DNS service provider from the drop-down list box.
Host Name
Enter the domain name assigned to your Zyxel Device by your Dynamic DNS provider. You can use up to 256 alphanumeric (0-9, a-z, A-Z) characters with hyphens [ - ] and periods [ . ].
You can specify up to two host names in the field separated by a comma (",").
Enter your user name.
Enter the password assigned to you.
Enable Wildcard Option
Select the checkbox to enable DynDNS Wildcard.
Enable Off Line Option (Only applies to custom DNS)
Check with your Dynamic DNS service provider to have traffic redirected to a URL (that you can specify) while you are off line.
Dynamic DNS Status
User Authentication Result
This shows Success if the account is correctly set up with the Dynamic DNS provider account.
Last Updated Time
This shows the last time the IP address the Dynamic DNS provider has associated with the hostname was updated.
Current Dynamic IP
This shows the IP address your Dynamic DNS provider has currently associated with the hostname.
Click Cancel to exit this screen without saving.
Click Apply to save your changes.