DNS Entry
DNS (Domain Name System) is used for mapping a domain name to its corresponding IP address and vice versa. Use this screen to view and configure manual DNS entires on the Zyxel Device. Click Network Setting > DNS to open the DNS Entry screen.
*The host name should consist of the host’s local name and the domain name. For example, Mycomputer.home is a host name where Mycomputer is the host’s local name, and .home is the domain name.
Network Setting > DNS > DNS Entry
The following table describes the fields in this screen.
Network Setting > DNS > DNS Entry 
Add New DNS Entry
Click this to create a new DNS entry.
This is the index number of the entry.
This indicates the host name or domain name.
IP Address
This indicates the IP address assigned to this computer.
Click the Edit icon to edit the rule.
Click the Delete icon to delete an existing rule.
Add or Edit DNS Entry
You can manually add or edit the Zyxel Device’s DNS name and IP address entry. Click Add New DNS Entry in the DNS Entry screen or the Edit icon next to the entry you want to edit. The screen shown next appears.
Network Setting > DNS > DNS Entry: Add or Edit
The following table describes the labels in this screen.
Network Setting > DNS > DNS Entry: Add or Edit 
Host Name
Enter the host name of the DNS entry. You can use up to 256 alphanumeric (0-9, a-z, A-Z) characters with hyphens [ - ] and periods [ . ].
You can use the wildcard character, an “*” (asterisk) as the left most part of a domain name, such as *.example.com.
IPv4 Address
Enter the IPv4 address of the DNS entry.
Click Cancel to exit this screen without saving.
Click OK to save your changes.