Seeing Currently Connected Client Devices
Follow the steps below to view clients that are currently connected to your MPro Mesh network and their link quality and device details, such as the IP address, MAC address, and the connection status of a client device.
1 Tap Connected Devices in the Home screen or Devices in the navigation panel to view the connected devices. It shows Unknown if the client device does not have a recognizable host name or if the Zyxel Device is still getting the client device information. For the client device’s connection status, see the table below.
Client Device Connection Status
Connection Type
Connection Status
Action To DO
Wired Connection
Good to Go
Too Far from the Zyxel Device
Move the client device closer to the Zyxel Device.
Avoid obstacles, such as walls or doors in between.
No Connection
Wired: Make sure the client device is correctly connected to the Zyxel Device’s LAN port through an Ethernet cable.
Wireless: Move the client device closer to the Zyxel Device where the client device can receive the Zyxel Device’s WiFi signal.
Blocked from the Internet
You have previously blocked the client device from the Internet. To resume the client device’s Internet access, disable Pause Internet and make sure the client device is not blocked by any parental control profile. See Blocking Internet Access at Specific Times and Blocking Internet Access for Specific Clients Immediately for more information.
2 Tap to select a client device to view the device’s IP address, MAC address, Internet access schedule profile, and the connection status.