Finding the Best Location for the Extenders
Follow the steps below to check the signal icons to see which extenders are too far from or too close to the Controller. Find the best location of your extenders for a better WiFi signal.
1 Tap on Home in the navigation panel.
2 Look for the extender with a red WiFi signal icon () or amber WiFi signal icon () in front of it. Move the extender closer to or farther from the Zyxel Device according to the WiFi signal icon. See the link quality table below.
3 Tap the refresh button () at the top right corner to check the updated status of your extenders. The WiFi signal icons in front of your extenders should be green () if they are placed in appropriate locations. See the table below for the Zyxel Device connection status.
Link Quality
Connection Type
Connection Status
Action To DO
Wired Connection
Good to Go
Too Close to the Router
Move the Extender farther away from the Router/uplink Extender.
Too Far from the Router
Move the Extender closer to the Router/uplink Extender.
Avoid obstacles, such as walls or doors in between.
No Connection
Make sure the Extender is still powered on.
Wired: Make sure the Extender’s LAN port is correctly connected to the Router/uplink Extender’s LAN port through an Ethernet cable.
Wireless: Move the Extender closer to the Router/uplink Extender where the Extender can receive the Router/uplink Extender’s WiFi signal.