Blocking Internet Access at Specific Times
Use the Parental Control screen to configure Internet access schedule profiles to limit the days and times current client devices can access the Internet. You can create up to 20 schedules in a profile. Clients in a profile will be blocked from the Internet during the time periods you schedule.
*A client device can only be in one profile.
Use the following parameters to configure your parental control profile.
For the profile name, you can use 1 – 20 alphanumeric (0-9, a-z, A-Z), single-byte special characters except [ " ], [ ` ], [ ' ], [ < ], [ > ], [ ^ ], [ $ ], [ | ], [ & ], or [ ; ]. Spaces are allowed.
Parental Control Profile Example
Profile name
Start Time
END Time
Repeat Days
Monday to Friday
Monday to Friday
Creating a Parental Control Profile
Follow the steps below to create a parental control profile.
1 Tap Parental Control in the navigation panel.
2 Tap the add icon () or Create Profile to create a parental control profile.
3 Enter the Profile Name.
4 Tap Add Schedule to add a schedule for this profile.
5 Configure the first schedule using the parameters given above. Tap Save.
6 Tap Add schedule to add the second schedule.
7 Configure the second schedule using the parameters given above. Tap Save.
8 Tap Add Device to select the client devices for which you want to apply this profile.
9 Tap the () icon of the client devices you want to select. Tap Add.
10 Tap Create to finish creating the parental control profile.
11 Tap the switch to enable Parental Control. The profiles are active when you enable Parental Control. If a profile is currently blocking clients from Internet access during the scheduled period, the status displays Block from Internet. Otherwise, it displays Allow to Internet.