MPro Mesh Network
The Zyxel Device supports MPro Mesh to manage your WiFi network. You need one router for Internet access and at least one extender, also known as a satellite, in a Mesh network. An extender increases WiFi coverage by repeating WiFi signals from the router to WiFi clients far from the router. An extender can also repeat WiFi signals from another extender to further increase WiFi coverage.
Deciding the Network Controller
To set up an MPro Mesh network, you need a Zyxel Device that can function as a Controller. The Controller can be an MPro Mesh Router or an MPro Mesh Extender. The Controller manages and coordinates WiFi activity in a network and can steer clients to the best extender, and to the best band (2.4G/5G) to maximize network efficiency. The Controller manages the SSIDs and passwords on all access points (APs), namely your MPro Mesh Router/Extenders, in a network (auto-configuration). For example, if you change the SSID on the Controller, the SSID of each AP in the network will also change.
If your Zyxel router supports MPro Mesh, then the router is the Controller. See the Zyxel website product page.
If your router does not support MPro Mesh, then the extender is the Controller if it supports MPro Mesh. See the Zyxel website product page.
*For AP steering and band steering to work, the Controller (MPro Mesh Router/Extender) and all the APs in the network need to have the same SSID and password. Therefore, you must use the Controller to configure the SSID and password.
MPro Mesh Network
The following table describes the icons used in the figure.
Icons used in MPro Mesh Network
Zyxel Device – MPro Mesh Router or Non-MPro Mesh Router
*Your router must have an Internet connection.
MPro Mesh Extender in AP (Access Point) mode.
MPro Mesh Extender in Repeater mode.
Access Point coverage area
Repeater coverage area
AP Steering and Band Steering
Zyxel MPro Mesh supports AP steering and Band steering.
AP steering allows WiFi clients to roam seamlessly between APs (MPro Mesh Router/Extenders) in your MPro Mesh network by using the same SSID and WiFi password. Also, AP steering monitors WiFi clients and drops their connections to optimize the extender bandwidth when the clients are idle or have a low signal. When a WiFi client is dropped, it has the opportunity to reconnect to an MPro Mesh Extender with a strong signal.

MPro Mesh Router (ZD)
MPro Mesh Extenders (E1, E2)
AP Steering Application
Band steering allows 2.4 GHz/5 GHz dual-band WiFi clients to move from one band to another. For example, if the 2.4 GHz channel is congested, WiFi clients that support 5 GHz can move to the 5 GHz band.
Band Steering Application