Home Security
Home Security Overview
The Zyxel Device supports URL (Uniform Resource Locator) filtering that allows you to block user access to specific websites containing inappropriate or harmful content. Users on your network will not be able to enter the websites with URL domain names, keywords or full URLs you specify. Check Overview to see if your Zyxel Device supports the Home Security feature.
Home Security
Use this screen to configure URL filtering settings to block users on your network from accessing certain websites. To access this screen, click Security > Home Security.
Security > Home Security
The following table describes the labels in this screen.
Security > Home Security 
Enter Website URL
Enter the URL of a website or URL keyword to which the Zyxel Device blocks access. Click Block to add the website to the Block List.
Use keywords, domain names, or full URLs to block websites. For example, if you want to block a website with the domain name “www.exampleWeb.com”, you can use the following input formats:
Block List
The Zyxel Device prohibits users on your network from viewing the websites with the URLs/keywords in this block list. Click x to remove the entry from the list.