App Tutorials
App Tutorials Overview
This part shows you how to use the MPro Mesh app to manage the Zyxel Device and the MPro Mesh network.
*To enjoy the latest features of the MPro Mesh app, make sure you have installed the latest version on your smartphone or tablet. Check the MPro Mesh app page on Apple App Store or Google Play Store to see if there is an update.
The table below explains the terms used in this chapter:
Tutorial Terms Definition
MPro Mesh Router (ZD)
Zyxel routers that support MPro Mesh, or a Zyxel Device in Router mode
Non-MPro Mesh Router (R)
Routers that don’t support MPro Mesh
MPro Mesh Extender (E)
Zyxel extenders (satellites) that support MPro Mesh, or a Zyxel Device in Extender mode
In the MPro Mesh app, the extenders are known as “satellites”.
MPro Mesh Network Topology
See Overview to see which Zyxel Device models support MPro Mesh.
What You Can Do